Patricia House Portfolio

I paint from my life and my mind – what I have seen and experienced. Every day, I see and experience the mundane and unimportant. I am drawn to these overlooked yet significant things. I feel that I need to identify the connections that the mundane brings. When presented with a glorious view, the first instinct is to embrace the whole, awe-inspiring expanse – enjoy the sunset, feel the breeze – but get left feeling lost, insignificant, and isolated. It is the mundane that provides a way to connect to the vast world and the expanse as a whole. It provides an anchor point. I endeavour to identify the mundane spaces and things around us and the connections they bring. I celebrate them in my work. These mundanities are walked right by every day but are directly recognizable and connected to by the unconscious mind. I want my viewers to rekindle memories of themselves with everyday experiences and objects. It could be the found pair of with a slice of pie, the community post boxes, the half-empty jar of jelly beans on the counter, or a  coil of rope.

How do I make the mundane special for the viewer? The connection begins with the creation of a focussed composition. Colour then brings the mundane to the spotlight. Brushstrokes are used to play between the full story and abstraction to let the viewer rediscover the memory within the image.

Interest and importance are in the mundane around us.